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RE: [ST] Fuel fitting leak - not QD

Rupert Galea wrote:
>>Thanks Rick. I had no problem popping off the factory hose clamp
a screwdriver. I put a regular hose clamp in its place. It is still
leaking. I think I will get another hose clamp and a new piece of
hose... <<

Yeah, the tool makes it easy to reinstall the clamps.  Make sure the
replacement hose is fuel rated and designed to operate at the system
pressure [3 bar, about 43 psi].  I prefer the factory crimp-type
clamps since they don't loosen up over time.  

>> ...and see what happens before I try re-sealing the fitting in the

Do be very careful if you decide to remove the plastic fittings which
screw into the fuel pump plate.  I've seen them break off rather than
unscrew and removing the threaded part which remains is a major

Here's a trick if you're unsure of the source of the leak: dry the
area carefully and spray some athletes' foot powder around the hose
and fittings.  Once it has dried, switch on the key momentarily and
watch for the powder to discolor as the fuel contacts it.

For Aron:
>>Now that I know that it should be more difficult, I'll
be sure to have a hell of a time with it next time
'round. :-) <<

Ain't that the truth... ;o)

Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST

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