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[ST] for David - the scenic route

>>> Leave LA Tuesday afternoon, arrive Laguna Friday noon????? Where are you going
before Laguna? What did you do Wednesday and Thursday? <<<

We ride the freeway from Dana Point to Santa Monica and from there up it's all back country roads through the coastal hills to Monterey - 8/900 miles - spending the first night in Newbury Park, Wed. night in Los Alamos and Thursday night in Cayucos. Very few of the roads have numbers and some don't even have names (although Jack Rabbit Trail now has a name!). We try to start with new tires! =;o) Think of it as a paved enduro (well... most of it is paved... but there'll be some good water crossings). One of my sons even slabs down all the way from Sacramento to ride it with us.

Have fun; doggydoo - - - o&\o

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