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RE: [ST] RE: Brett - been there

>From: simonb
>the extra mass of the ST, say two up as against one up
>makes it easier to lock up the front wheel for a given
>required amount of deceleration.

I guess it totally depends on the design? In the 2up and
1up brake tests here it seems that the braking distance
is slightly longer or equal on most bikes except the CBR1000F
with DCBS (no ABS), which is slightly shorter 2up (dry). But
in the wet it's considerably longer on the CBR.
On the wet all the bikes have longer or almost equal braking
distances 2-up, except the R1100GS which can stop on average
half a meter quicker compared to 1-up. This is all with ABS
on full, except for the CBR which gets braking distances equal
to the ABS bikes wet or dry thanks to the DCBS.

Here's a theoretical article: http://www.msgroup.org/TIP074.html


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