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RE: [ST] Can't Complain

WOW!  I didn't believe it, but here's what's off their website:

Q. How does the Road Hazard warranty work?

A. Cooper-Avon's Road Hazard Warranty applies to Azaro tyres purchased in the UK, Republic of Ireland and North America. The warranty provides a free replacement tyre if a recently-purchased Azaro is punctured or accidentally damaged during its early life. Terms and conditions apply. For further details, ask for a leaflet by calling 01225 357659 in the UK or toll free 1-800-624-7470 in the USA.

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>>Fortunately that Azaro was nearing it's end anyway.<<

For the record, Avon has a road hazard warranty based on tread-depth.
Here's the information my dealer* got for me last December when I had
an AV46 puncture:
	The Avon warranty states "this warranty is valid up to the
first 1mm of tread depth wear in the case of both front and rear
tires.  Tread depth will be measured on the center line of the tire,
so that the remaining tread depth will not be less than below:"

Range			Minimum Remaining Tread Depth
All AV45ST/AV49 SP/PS fronts	2.7 mm
All AV46ST rears			5.6 mm
All AV50 SP/PS rears			4.2 mm
Rick in Oregon
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* We heard last weekend that Cascade Moto Classics is the 8th highest
volume Triumph dealer in the US.  Not bad for a Mom & Pop operation in
a market where it's rumored to rain occasionally!
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