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[ST] for Don - Tools vs. Toys....

>>> how many  wives have you gone through using this formula? <<<

   Three (so far),... although in polite circles it's considered gauche to keep count.

>>> everybody needs a hobby, and the most expensive one is  collecting... ex-wives <<<

    Unlimited Air Racing is the world's most expensive hobby;... divorce is just one of life's great bargains - freedom isn't free by any means - and my quarter-century collection of canceled alimony checks is (hopefully) not complete.          =;o)
for Brett - wives and bikes

>>> how many times have you sold the wife's car to fund the purchase of a toy? <<<

   Once, in 1961, for a brand new BSA 650 Super Rocket (which I wish I still had).
Also possibly qualifying would be the Le Baron convertible - two wives later - I sold after listening to her whine for a year about having to park her car in the driveway because the boat and motorcycles filled the garage (I had to park my remarkably rusty old 'dirt bike van' in the street, for chissake).  She left for a weeks cruise with some friends, threatening me with "When I come back, my car better not still be parked in the driveway!"   It wasn't.

>>> for how long was she your wife afterwards? <<<

    Too long (read 'still');... if only they were that easy to run off!

>>> we are shopping to buy my girl her first road bike <<<

    Super,... have fun!  Just be sure she has some lady friends to ride with or you'll find yourself trickling around the countryside for years.                     =8o(

Cheers; doggydoo - - - o&\o

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