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[ST] Bionic Bike

Cool.  I wonder how much it would cost to rebuild my 2000 RS engine to these specs?

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The engine changes offer even more of the long-legged performance the
Sprint ST is renowned for. The new 120bhp powerplant is identical to the
new 955cc three-cylinder engine fitted to the new Speed Triple and
Sprint RS. Employing high-pressure die-cast crankcases for both strength
and lightness, the DOHC 12-valve liquid-cooled engine’s new cylinder
head utilizes 1mm larger inlet valves and 1mm smaller exhaust valves,
set at a narrower included angle. Both inlet and exhaust ports are
redesigned for better gas flow and the new cast pistons run in steel
liners. Compression ratio is up from 11.2:1 to 12:1.while crankcase
breathing is revised to minimise power loss. The new engine is 2.5kg
lighter than before.
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