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[ST] RE: ST-triumphnet.com Digest, Vol 2, Issue 40

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Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 15:11:31 -0500
From: "Dan Wetherington" <DEW@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ST] Re: ST-triumphnet.com Digest, Vol 2, Issue 39
To: <ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Message-ID: <s288b843.033@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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I'm pretty sure that they switched to Aston Green in 02 or 03 when they
switched from Sapphire blue to Caspian Blue...  Can't find anything to
support me, but what else is new.  I'll try to do some digging.  If anyone
has the "official" triumph brochure it should say what the green is.  Too
bad I didn't pick one up when I got the bike.


>>> denoose@xxxxxxx 05/16/05 2:47 PM >>>
I don't think there was ever an ST in the Aston Green, Kevin.  Congrats on 
getting the bike back, I was at Performance today, and Derek said they

"really took a bath" on the repairs, says Triumph only covered 9 hours of 
labor.  Glad you're riding again!

Denis Liakos

> Did Triumph do the 2003 ST in BRG or Aston Green ?  Assuming the
> how different are the 2 colors - is it just a name change or are
> different colors.  I have a BRG 2002 ST and I have a line on some
> panels that the seller tells me are BRG but I don't think Triumph
> BRG for the ST in 2003.
> Cheers,
> Kevin

They did indeed take a beating....sign of a good dealer.

I found this after sending the email to the list:


You can replace the year with any other and it will give you the colors the
bike was available in.  Aston Green did indeed replace BRG from 2003


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