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Re: [ST] looking to upgrade my GPS...

In your message regarding Re: [ST] looking to upgrade my GPS... dated
Tue, 17 May 2005 09:45:58 +0100, Howlin' Dawg said that ...

> > does the Quest give you suitable advice on black spots?
>HD- There is a map freely available covering UK blackspots but I don't use it as
>HD- it doesn't cover Ireland.
>HD- Mike uses it so he would be in a better position to comment on its 
>HD- usefulness.


Visual warning only, but useful nonetheless.  It uses exactly the
same data as the PocketGPS site.  The author takes the PocketGPS site
data and converts it into a Garmin map database (I have learned how
to do this myself now).  You then upload the (transparent) map with
your City Select maps to the unit and it shows up as an overlay on
the standard map.

See http://www.sprint-st.org/276c_setup1.html

Mike Bostock
Mid Devon, UK
N50.79155 W3.66646
Wales and SW ST Riders

'99 Red ST
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