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RE: [ST] New ST

I bought my 04 RS For R69 000 new out of the box last month, vs. the R95 000 for an 05 ST. That's a 30% discount -too big to pass up on.

Just done my first track day - the bike was awesome, pity about the rider, I was struggling to match the pace of a lot of the riders, and I rode in the slower group.

I also blistered my BT057s esp. the front tire, they weren't really designed for that kind of riding, but that's fine - I wont be doing many track days.

My theory is that if the RS can handle what I asked it to do on the track with so little fuss, then I'll never have a problem in more sane road use.

Another guy riding stock BT057s on his RS wore out the hero blobs in less than twenty laps. he was blowing away guys on GSXR's etc. Go Triumph!


Cape Town, RSA

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