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RE: [ST] Helmets in panniers(was: New ST)

>From: BrettWilson21@xxxxxxx
>Try as I might I have never been able to get more than one helmet in each box 
>at a time. I have come really close in the top box but cant quite get there.
>Can you provide us with photographic evidence?

Sure, Howlin gave it away already:

They look great, the sidecases can be toploaded
for small items as well with the keyless toplid,
the SW Motech rack can be removed within seconds,
they are rugged and absolutely waterproof, the
exhaust can stay in the up-position and the total
set is HALF the price of the Triumph set (which
of course was already included in later years).
Those were my arguments for going with these...and
of course I can put 2 helmets in one case and keep
the other one(s) stuffed with a laptop or whatever.


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