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RE: [ST] Helmets in panniers(was: New ST)

>From: Tony B.
>I even do a fair amount of grocery shopping w/this machine.
>Now if someone can tell me how to get that 50lb sack of 
>dogfood home Ill be all set! (I used to strap it to the
>sissy on my ironhead sporty). Anyone happen to be selling
>a top trunk w/mounting hardware (red)?

If you are in the US you can get a Motech toprack for
$115 USD and a 52 liter (!) Givi topcase (also available
in plenty of colors including red) for $255 USD. However
I wouldn't put a lot of heavy stuff in a topcase anyway
(Triumph/Givi/Motech or whatever) because of subframe
limitations and stability. But the 52 liter Givi is big
enough for small kids:

The rack plus case is about half the price of the Triumph
equivalent. The Givi case can also include an intergrated
braking light, it's probably a lot higher quality but with
the motech rack (which is designed to blend in with the bike)
you will loose your grabrail (although you sort of can hold
on to the rack a bit). The topplate is removable within
seconds with 3 quicklocks. There are no Triumphs listed
in the motech list on twisted throttle, but I'm sure they
can order it for you via SW Motech (you can order directly
from Germany as well).


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