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RE: [ST] Helmets in panniers(was: New ST)

>From: Wetherington
>Will the SWMOtech rack work with the factory panniers?  
>If you have any pictures of the mounting points I'd
>appreciate it... Dan

I'm not sure how the factory panniers are mounted,
if they don't use those 2 bolts under the saddle
than I guess it's possible. I took 2 pics for you
and uploaded them here:
The open hole you see which fits the top quicklock
for the side rack is not there if you mount just the
topcase rack. Because you can mount just the topcase
rack, just the sidecase rack or combine both. So I
got some bits of hardware left now. But installation
is the same, that wouldn't change.

As you can see I put the topplate there for show, it
clicks right onto the rack with the three quicklocks
in the middle of the plate.


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