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[ST] Back in town

Damn!  I went away for 2 weeks and there are almost 600 messages from
this list.  

Well I was out in the San Francisco Bay area for a couple of days.  Took
my honeymoon cruise for a week and half to the Mexican Riviera, and upon
arriving back in San Fran, decided to kick around for a few days and see
things.  Went to Napa and Sonoma, Muir Woods, Alcatraz, drove down Route
1 and across to San Mateo....

Well a few comments.  First, who was that masked man??  Just kidding,
sort of.  On Monday evening at almost exactly 5PM, heading south on 101
coming down from the tunnel to the Golden Gate bridge I noticed an ST
passing through traffic in the right lanes.  Anyone on this list?
Looked like you were having fun.  Second, is anyone here from around
that area?  I was in  my cheesy rented Sebring convertible cruising
around and found myself on some roads that I was dying to have my bike
for.  1 - the road from route 101 up to and looping around Muir woods.
Damn good bike road...  2 - Trinity Road that heads between Sonoma and
Napa Valley over the ridge.  Damn good bike road... 3 - route 92 from
Half Moon Bay over to San Mateo.  I actually felt bad as a saw a
sportbike pulled over by on officer.  And that was at the light on Route
1 BEFORE turning on 92 east...pretty lousy way to start the fun.  

These seemed like some wicked fun roads.  I may have to take another
trip (without the wife - she's been on the back with me pushing the
bike, and I still have nail marks in my side....).  Anyone done these/do
these regularly?  If so, I'm jealous....

I'm going to try to delve into these list emails next....see you on the
other side.

Matt Heyer 
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