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Re: [ST] new helmets

Thanks guys for the feedback. The EXO 700 is on my shopping list, if I can find one.

Tom - BTW it's ARAI not ARIA.  ;-}

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I recently tried on a Scorpion EXO700 and it fit my head pretty good. I currently have a Aria Signet GT that I like a ton. And the fit seemed very similar.

BTW, I saw a review in Motorcyclist recently on helmet protection. It was an interesting read as the full face DOT only certified helmets did very well. In fact, better than some, if not most of the snell helmets. The EXO400 did slightly better than the EXO400. However the helmet that blew them away was the Z1R. It's an $80 helmet that tested very well. If you haven't read that article, you might consider it. It sort of puts a damper on the expensive helmets protect your head better theory (Don't flame me, it's just how the reading came out). However, some helmet manufacturers didn't participate.

In my book, it's both the protection and the fit that matter. I won't buy a helmet that fits poorly. Having a headache 15 minutes into a ride sucks.... One of the reason's I like my Aria so much. Best fitting helmet I've ever owned. But when I do buy another helmet, I will give a lot of consideration to the scorpion exo series.


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I'm shopping for a new helmet, so this is the right time to hear everyone's
opinion. Currently I have a three year old HJC CL-12 which is ok for the price.
Kind of heavy and noisy and fogs up easily (time to buy a new helmet). So far I
tried Suomy, just couldn't make it work. (I have a bowling ball for a head) Icon
was OK, Schuberth didn't work for me either, HJC CL-14 OK, Arai great but 600$?
I heard great reviews by webbikeworld and harborhelmets about the new SCORPION
EXO 700. I wasn't able to get a hold of one yet and 200$ is a great price if
they deliver what they advertise. So anybody out there who has one or tried one

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