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RE: [ST] Re: minor annoyance- drain plug oil leak

I was going to mention annealing but that does not rely on fast cooling
except to prevent excessive oxide build-up.  If you cool it too fast, it
does not stay soft although I understand fast is relative and quenching
in water SHOULD be OK.

Have you checked the sump and plug mating surfaces for radial

Chris Harwood
00 RS

>>> rnjwes@xxxxxxxxxxx 18/05/2005 02:09:24 >>>
>> Sunday's oil and filter change resulted in a slow drip from the
drain plug.

David wrote:
>Before reusing a copper washer, heat it until it GLOWS bright. Then
drop it into water. As soon as its cool and dry its ready to use.<

AKA annealing.  

And just 'cos no one else asked: did you torque the drain plug (25nm /
18 ft/lb)?  It will either come up to torque (this is good) or it
won't (bad!).  
Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST
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