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[ST] New 2005 ST

Ok. We've done it.

We went and saw a '05 ST. Aluminium Silver. It looks sexy. 
But beauty is only in the eye of the beer holder...

It all feels good. The triple pipes sound great, if a little quiet. Bloody 
EPA regulations. The throttle is light and responsive. The engine feels smooth, 
with a fat linear midrange.
It all feels user friendly. My 6'0ft frame actually fits perfectly behind the 

My knee still hurts like a b***h. The '99 ST is a sad and sorry sight sitting 
in the workshop. Five years of awesome and faultless performance. This is not 
the way I planned on parting company with her.

We go away and think and discuss it. Sharyn likes it just as much as I do. 
The pillion seat is a little higher than the '99 but she cant wait to climb 
aboard and take control of this one herself.

We sleep on it. 

In the morning there is no need for discussion. I pick up the phone and once 
again the plastic gets severely damaged.

We can pick up the shiny new one on the riser in about a week. The first new 
bike I have ever owned.

Perhaps my knee will be fully functional by then. 

It still hurts like a b*tch.

Stay upright,
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