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[ST] for Chris - Is the triumph gel seat any good?

I bought a used one last month off of eBay;... I was always happy with my RS seat but SOTCA (she of the crystal ass) always complained of the hardness and narrowness of her accommodation. It snapped right on and now she has a contented, smiley butt.

I find it as comfortable as my stock RS seat but was presently surprised that it's shape moved me forward;... my nuts are now right up against the tank and, as you know, the further forward you can get on the RS the better it handles and the more leverage you have on the bars. I didn't really expect to like it but I'm glad now I bought it.

Leaving early Saturday morning for a month's motorcycle ride up through the Canadian Rocky Mountains,... please hold any e-mails until (if?) I come home around the 15th of June.
On the road again; ol t-bone - - - o&\o

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