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RE: [ST] Customizing for clearance

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen wrote:
>>I think this has come up recently.  But I noticed that the plastic
90 deg fitting coming off the fuel pump plate was chafing on the
actual frame of my bike.  I tried shimming up the back tank mounts,
only to find the tolerances won't allow for it.  Meaning I can't get
all 3 bolts to go where they're supposed to with the shims in place.
grrrrrr  <<

I noticed a similar condition when I did my 36k service.  Since I
can't imagine that the tank itself has changed, my speculation was
that the tank's rubber mounting pads had compressed...

Did you try shimming the front mount and the rears at the same time?

Rick in Oregon
That is probably what is happening.

Shimming the rear put the front tank bolt hole to far forward of the frame
hole.  Shimming both would not make up the difference.  I found it shifted
the tank too far forward.  I didn't think to try shimming just the front.  I
don't think it would have gained enough at the back of the tank to make
better clearance.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen
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