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RE: [ST] Re: HEADLIGHTS / PHILIPS VISION PLUS 50 REPORT. / Mysteryride route..

Brett wrote from Sydney:
>>The bike shope said my '99 ST was a write off, the insurance company
were happy to pay me out. THEN, the freelance assessor looked at it
and said he wanted a quote for repair! WANKER!!!!!<<

>>The repair bill is easily going to hit $9000.00 and will take at
least a week by the time they strip, inspect and get quotes for
plastic welding, respraying etc etc etc.<<

When I went down on the ice last winter, there were several areas,
like the swingarm and lt. side rear hub which had scraped paint, which
if included in the estimate would have totaled the bike.  When the
adjuster pointed them out, I said I'd take care of the refinishing and
she gave me a couple of hours of labor credit instead of writing them
up on the estimate.

Sometimes it's useful to take the shop's service manager & lead
technician, whoever will be involved in writing the repair estimate,
out for a few cold ones.  It's a good opportunity to share your
feelings as to what outcome you'd like to see...

Good luck,
Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST

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