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RE: [ST] Sprint vs CBR XX (Blackbird)

Quoting "Heyer, Matthew A." <mheyer@xxxxxxxxx>:

> The "XX" is the Blackbird ("RR" is the Fireblade).  I'm thinking about
> the Blackbird (or Super Blackbird as it is sometimes called).  Sorry for
> the confusion.

Just checking.

I've wriden the blackbird. An 04 model. Very niec in a barge sort of way. It
makes the ST feel very nimble. It is not as fast as Honda would have you
believe. Faster than the ST. The Blackbird is about 127BHP at the back wheel.
My mates (who owns the bike) missus still complained of a sore bum after we
rode to Switzerland last year. In summary it is a very capable bike from the
mid nineties that is now looking a bit dated.  You might or might not like the
linked brakes.

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