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Re: [ST] For Jack Hayes: MeZ6 in Ozarks

Well then, I'll chime in as well. I only have about 1k on my MEZ6's so far, most of which has been in cold and inclement weather (fricken New England) and so far I like them best of any of the tires that I've tried on the RS. I went through two sets of BT020's which were okay before trying a set of Sporttec M1's which I didn't care for at all. To be completely fair to the M1's they were about half used when I got them but I found them to be very slow to turn in compared to the 020s which would fall into corners. The M1's were very stable leaned over though and stuck like glue on the track. The Z6s are the most neutral of the two and have been very confidence inspiring in the bad weather riding I've been doing. They turn in easy and stay on target. Obviously I have little to add in the way of mileage reports, 5 weekends, all rain, F-me. And before the cries of "Sally", "Wuss" or otherwise start raining down from the rafters I'm sorry, I just don't enjoy riding in 40deg rainy weather :(.

Disgruntled in NH,


Steve Lawler wrote:
No apology necessary. That is the information that I was looking for. I presently have MeZ4's. Baby needs a new pair of shoes so I was wondering what people's impressions of the MeZ6 were.
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