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RE: [ST] front mudguard extension

>From Bil:  "Hey all, does anyone know how you install the front mudguard
extension using the supplied plastic rivets?  The thing comes with no
instructions at all..."

I installed the front mudguard extension on my '01 and '04.  Both times I
used the plastic rivets in my pop-riveter with no problems.  I don't recall
if I had to drill holes in both the extension and the mudguard for the
rivets.  The rivets on the '04 are placed one near each end and the other
two approximately equally spaced along the edge of the mudguard.  Everything
is still intact at 9K miles.  I forget how long they were on the '01 before
the crash.

Speaking of 9K miles, I just realized my OEM BT57 needs replacing.  Hope to
get that done tomorrow.  With a little more forethought (13 months is not
enough??), I would have solved how to hold the rear wheel in my tire
balancer.  So, it's off to the local dealer tomorrow.

Rich (Thunderdawg) Rumble
2004 Aston Green Sprint ST
1995 Yamaha TZ250

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