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RE: [ST] poor performance on second start

It is not vapor lock. The fuel supply rail returns to the tank. If you look
you'll see a hose on both ends of the rail. The pump runs continuously.  My
'00 ST has the same problem every now and then. Shutting the key off and
restarting it always cures the problem.

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I heard that sometimes after a hop in traffic the ST/RS can be prone to
"percolation" (spelling?) in the fuel line - heat build up causes an
vapourlock somewhere, and if you try to start before its cooled off you get
a rough idle or stuttering which eventually goes away.

Its apparently worse if the bike stands on an upward incline while hot.

A similar thing used to happen to my carb fed F650 - which loved to suddenly
die on breaking at stop streets etc, and would then refuse to restart. I
spent ages having mechanics mess around with float levels and idle jets
before they cracked the vapourlock hassle.

I don't know what the solution is, and it might be rubbish like so much
hearsay is!


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