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Re: [ST] Outed by minivan

Matthew Heyer wrote:
> No contradiction - it's all about damping.  Get that right, and you get a better ride.  As for the less-sharp steering, could be from the stiffer springs.  Especially if it is turning in under braking (with less dive, you don't decrease the steering angle as much).  And in general, if you stiffened the front and not the rear, the geometry of the bike would ride slightly more nose high, which definitely slows steering.
I noticed this most when just tossing bike back and forth in my lane. 
Yes, that could explain things a bit. The new rear may then correct 
that. If it still feels slow I might have to loosen the triple tree and 
drop the front a bit and or flip the chain adjuster. All in all it 
should make turns more predictable and linear in response.
> Glad you are happy with the results - suspension can make all the difference.  Now go ride it like you stole it!!!
Yes, if it would stop raining it doesn't snow on Monday =:o

Neil Halbert
`99 ST "Shadow"
> Matt Heyer

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