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Re: [ST] Windscreen recommendations

On Thu, 23 Nov 2006, JOHN EMBREY wrote:

> I am seriously considering getting some type of taller screen for my 
> 2000 ST to use during the winter months (in Virginia).  I am looking at 
> the Zero Gravity touring screen, or the Triumph touring screen.  Does 
> anyone have any experience with these, and how well they work?  How do 
> they compare with each other?  I would like to get the winter-wind blast 
> off my chest and neck.

Heya John,

I use the Triumph touring screen in the late/early parts of the season and 
it does a great job of keeping the cold air off of me as well as adding 
some rain protection, but being a short guy find it adds some helmet 
buffeting when I sit up or open the visor.  I'm thinking of adding a strip 
of that Saeng edging which helped with my former bike's ('99 Sprint ST) 
stock screen, but won't hang onto the '03's due to the fatter bead at the 
top.  Sorry I can't compare to the ZG not having used it.



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