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Re: [ST] Wind

On 8 Dec 2006, at 12:25, Rik Relph wrote:

> I cannot believe it!
> Just as I was leaving the office last night, a person from  
> downstairs came
> running in saying "A motorcycle has fallen over in the car park".   
> I knew it
> was my ST, I was the last of the bikers to finish.
> The wind had moved it backwards about 10 foot, and then blown it over.
> The steering lock had helped by turning it broadside on to the wind.
> Broken front brake leaver, the right hand balance weight from the  
> end of the
> bar and the foot peg.

Sorry to hear.  Hope the bike gets well soon.  But at least you can  
blame the weather.  Person I bought my previous ST'03 from is a  
helicopter pilot (he does the air-ambulance in Berkshire / Bucks in  
UK) was apologetic about some scratching on side fairing when I  
bought it: apparently he had taken bike to work and parked on side- 
stand too close to landing pad.  Along came an emergency and he took  
off to see his bike being blown away by the down-draught from the  


Gavin Lawrie
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