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Re: [ST] Wind


I had the same thing happen to me several years ago on
a mountainside in Costa Rica ( my first experience
with an RS, BTW). I had parked the bike with its tail
to the wind, got off with the camera to take some
pictures. The wind starts to blow like hell, and I
here a funny sound. I turn around to see the RS
rolling forward down the road, what I thought was a
slight upward incline, bouncing boing boing boing off
the sidestand( thats what I heard). I got to her just
in time as the sidestand folded rearward, and caught
the bike as she began to fall. Good save, I thought.
In retrospect, it was pretty funny wacthing the bike
roll along towards the cliff, pogo-ing on its side
stand, although I didnt think so at the moment. After
the save I laughed my ass off though. This is one of
the reasons I feel all bikes should come with ( or at
least offer as an option) a centerstand.


--- Emile Nossin <Emile@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >The wind had moved it backwards about 10 foot, and
> then blown it
> over. <
> This nearly happened to my then brandnew TDM in
> Spain last september.
> I parked on the top of a mountain, on an extremely
> windy parking
> place which was located in the base of the clouds,
> which were
> howling past. The wind chill up there was pretty
> high, so I parked
> the bike with the nose into the wind so it wouldn't
> fall over...
> Well, falling over it didn't do. I walked away to
> some old ruin
> about a 100 meters further to shelter myself from
> the freezing
> storm and clouds so I could put on my colar and
> warmer gloves.
> Then when glancing towards my bike I saw it rolling
> backwards,
> while on its sidestand, very slowy! Aaarrgghh!!! I
> ran towards
> the bike just in time to prevent it from literally
> falling of
> the mountain and set it in first gear. Then I took
> this pic to
> proof what happened (stuff like that always happens
> when nobody
> is watching of course :-)):
> http://piloot.smugmug.com/photos/115656005-L.jpg
> I already dropped the TDM on a rocky slope a few
> days before to
> help Markus who had dropped himself and his Sprint
> on that same slope
> (no damage for him thanks to the new sliders he just
> mounted)
> which left enough dents and scrapes to add up to
> 1450 euros worth
> of damage (all paid by insurance fortunately). I
> replaced the crash
> bars which I had then and didn't really help with
> sliders that
> hopefully will function better if it happens again
> next time. I
> was so happy the bike didn't fall of the mountain as
> well, Murphy
> doesn't completely hate me I guess :-).
> Emile
> www.piloot.com
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