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Re: [ST] Stebel Nautilus/ Rolo Bad Boy

>From: John Ulizzi
>Been meaning to ask you this for awhile...On the
>Nautilus that you mounted to your ST, did you find it
>necessary to hook up the relay?
>>From: Kevin Dicks
>>I used a relay on my S3 - the Stebel draws something like 15 or even 20 amps
>>on full blast and there is no way the switch will handle that for long (if
>>at all).  A relay is very cheap and easy to wire up.

Yeah, what he said :-).

The relay was included with the Stebel, you don't want to fry your
horn wiring on the stebel. It's a 20 amp fuse versus a 5 amp one
or so. It is indeed extremely easy to hook up. You connect a plus
wire from the battery with a 20 amp in line fuse, from there to
the relay and from the relay to the horn, from the horn back to
the ground of the battery (not the alu frame). The plugs that
connect to the stock sprint beeper connect right onto the other
two plugs left on the relay, so the horn button acts as the switch.
I tied ripped the relay on the back of the beeper frame somewhere.

I bought a compact version of the Stebel Nautilus for the TDM:
You can see the relay still hanging in the last picture, the
transparent plugs are the plugs that normally connect to the
stock wimpy yamaha beeper.

While installing you can just connect those two wires to the
relay, then turn the ignition switch to on and try the horn
button to check if you hear the relay clicking when pushing.

I believe there is other stuff connected to the same wiring
loom of the horn. Besides the risk of melting (fire?) the
wiring or the horn button switch (which also isn't designed
to handle that load) you don't want to take out other bike
funtions while experimenting.... Perhaps the standard fuse
will prevent any danger of course... Just make sure you get
your videocam / webcam ready in case you decide to hook it
up anyway :-)).


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