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Re: [ST] Scottoiler

Quoting Chris Harwood <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Dave
> Congrats on the purchase!
> I haven't fitted a Scottoiler but have had one on my RS for the last 18K
> miles.  It's under the seat taking up a third of the available space.  I do
> have problems keeping it set up right and have to up the flow from time to
> time when the chain looks too dry then back it of again later when the rear
> rim is spattered with oil. Some mount them in front of the number plate
> where they are more accessible and that would be less of a pain for me - key
> out of ignition and undo the seat before the alarm arms itself bla bla.  But
> then some nasty piece of work might steal it?
> I'm only a pleasure rider really so don't do the miles that bring it into
> its own.

I have one fitted to my St the tank is mounted on the electric extension socket
bracket under the LHS of the fairing in front og your knee. The rest is evident
from te pictures. There is no problem with only having one pipe as the lube is
transfered to both side of the chain be the sprockets.


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