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Re: [ST] Genmar installation on '03 ST

> > Remove the right caliper bolts to gain additional slack in the
brake line.  Torque to 40nm [29 ft/lb] when done. < <

> Bloody effin' brilliant, thanks!  Looks like that did it, line is
still _snug_ but bolts went back in, just.  Any readon to think that's
too tight? <

> Wondering why the line does that half wrap around the tube (down
over the front of the lower clamp then behind the tube to the
caliper). <

> Now to tighten up the clip-ons, 14 ft-lb = ~ 19 Nm, right?  ;^{D <

If the line has slack with the front suspension hanging, then no
worries.  If it doesn't, I'd reroute it.

My manual says 22nm [call it 16 ft/lbs].
Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST

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