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Re: [ST] Scottoiler

On 11 Dec 2006, at 07:33, David Granath wrote:

> Want to fit a Scottoiler chain lube ststem? Anyone ever done it,  
> any problems.

Not done the installation, but had two.  Both worked just fine - made  
chain adjustment a once-in-a-blue-moon type activity and aside from  
the convenience of it the saving in new chains more than offsets the  
costs.  First one (on previous ST'03) was fitted under seat and had a  
single-sided feed onto the chain.  Did the job just fine - the oil  
spread across the chain OK.  But loss of space was fairly significant  
and filling the reservoir (about once very 1500 miles) was hard to do  
without spilling some oil into the tray under seat which was a bit of  
a pain to clear up.  On current bike the oiler is fitted onto sub- 
frame on RHS (in space under tail fairing, kind of opposite where the  
coolant tank is) - which is great for space saving under seat but  
makes getting to the unit harder - and has the dual-feed thing.  This  
too does job just fine - but actually seems no more effective than  
the single sided feeder.  I've fitted the High-Capacity-Reservoir to  
this bike, and so now is almost completely maintenance free zone.

So in summary - a good thing and no problems.

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