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Re: [ST] Genmar installation on '03 ST

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, halfast3 wrote:

> If the line has slack with the front suspension hanging, then no
> worries.  If it doesn't, I'd reroute it.

Will hafta check it hanging when I get a helper, but resting it just makes 
it and might have a tiny bit left...

> My manual says 22nm [call it 16 ft/lbs].

Thanks,  got the 14 ft-lbs from Genmar's instructs.

Just got done tweaking the throttle mount, the cable outlet get's into the 
windscreen support by a silly millimeter at full left lock.  And of course 
the ThrottleMeister had to be re-shimmed.  Anyone else see this?

Thanks again,


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