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[ST] Installation of Sky King Sliders

So, while we are in discussion about installing GenMars, how about the Sky King Sliders? 
  I picked up a used pair (thanks Matt) and have a quick question. I have not had the time to look at the Manual, so humor me...please. Nor have I run through the archives. Basically, I am procrastinating on some deadlines right now. 
  On the 01, the motor mounts have the torx bolt and the nut that requires the special tool. This is the slotted nut that is about 1.5in in diameter. Is is nec to remove the nut when you are removing the torx bolt? Anyone know off hand the size of the torx required for the torx head bolt? Will I need to support the motor when I remove the bolt? 
  I know I need to pick up some extensions for my socket set to do this, but was looking for some feedback. 

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