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[ST] countershaft sprocket

Been a long time since I've had a technical question for the group but 
now that I have a garage to work in I've been doing more of my own 
wrenching. The fact that I no longer have a local Triumph dealer also 
factors into the equation.

So I'm getting ready to install a new chain and sprockets. I looked at 
the FAQ and it doesn't mention whether the 36mm nut for the front 
sprocket is the normal rotation or not. Other bikes I've had were 
counter rotation and since this one takes brute force to loosen it 
anyways, I just wanted to make sure I'm turning in the right direction.

Matt Knowles - Ferndale, CA - 
  '99 Sprint ST - for going fast and far (2CZUSA)
  '01 KLR650 (A15) - for exploring the North Coast backroads
  '97 KLX300 & '01 Lakota - for playing in the dirt
  '79 KZ400 - just because it was the first vehicle I ever owned

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