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Re: [ST] Brake Cleaning

I just cleaned my caliper pistons and again the lever is rock solid, without
any bleeding.  I believe I have not had to bleed them for almost a year when
I replaced the pads. 

The method I use is to take the caliper off (one at a time)and I remove the
pads.  I put rectangular block of aluminum that is 3/4" x 3/4" x 2" in the
caliper and pump the lever until all the pistons are out and showing some
shiney metal.  I blast it with brake cleaner and hit with a tooth brush.  I
noticed that some of the pistons are more reluctant to come out than others.
The outside on both sides seemed to be stickiest.  I move them in and out
several times repeating the blast and brush.  It takes less than an hour and
the results last a year, at least for me.


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