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Re: [ST] Brake Cleaning

  First - I agree that a new bike should not need the brakes to be bled; but should and reality are not always the same.  I did this on my Speedmaster and my father's America - fixed a way too mushy front brake.
  Second - do not confuse this with the cyclical mushy brakes on the Sprints that arise form grime on the caliper pistons.  The grime is one problem, and cleaning is a temporary solution until needed again; the brake bleed is another problem, and bleeding is a permanent fix.  My remark about this was to the fact that the 05 ST that someone stopped by had a mushy brake - that could be the same isn't (yes, shouldn't but could be; and really shouldn't be the grime problem as the new bike shouldn't be dirty).
  Third - you really shouldn't have to bleed your brakes at all once properly done.  If you do, you have air entering the closed system.  Could be during cleaning, could be some seals that need replacing - but again, you shouldn't have to do it every year.
  Matt Heyer

Sprint ST <sprint_st@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A new bike "should" not require the brakes to be bled, especially a showroom
bike. On the threads I have read those guys bled them to death with only
temporary success. That's similar to pre-05 Sprints except there is way too
much evidence to support the pre-05 problem was not air in the lines but
sticky pistons. I for one have bled my 02 a zillion different ways only to
have the problem go away for extended periods (that's about one year now)
when I started working on pistons.

One never knows what lurks in the minds of motorcycle designers and what
their ulterior motives might be. Speedo's are 10% optimistic to make you
ride slower and reduce litigation, maybe. You have to work at locking the
rear brake, probably the same reason. Then again it took NHTSA to force
them recall the fuel connector leaks that could have made you Kentucky Fried
Sprint Driver. I don't think it's up there with Kennedy assassination plots
or the Trilateral Commission but Triumph and others do have agendas.

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