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Re: [ST] Brake Cleaning

I had my brakes " seen to " by my dealer ...and the difference is
incredible.Its lasted too.When the brakes are simply bled, there is a
improvement , but it is temporary.This business of stripping calipers etc is
a similar short term solution , but it will get worse again. Brakes should
not need this sort of constant maintenance. I had a fazer 1000 for four
years and 37000 miles , the brakes were just as good as new at the end, with
only scheduled maintenance.

My bike is an ABS, and I complained about the excess lever travel. If it was
me, I would just make a bloody nuisance of yourself so that they fix it !My
dealer did something ( I dont know what ! ), and it has been great ever

Personally I reckon there is a fault with the master cylinder .a guy who is
a hydraulics expert reckons its poor design..Maybe if enuff peeps complained
, Triumph will sort it out for everyone .I did hear that the 06 models will
have a new bit fitted to rectify the issue ????



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In my opinion the 05 and 06 have some kind of design issue in the brake feel
department.  I tried both an ABS and non-ABS on the showroom and they both
had the squishy feel.  I didn't want to try, but I'm sure I could squeeze
the lever to the grip.  That ain't right, if you know what I mean.  There
have been other threads on this point on a couple other Triumph sites too.
One guy claimed his dealer fixed it but didn't explain how.  At least on the
04 and below you can make it go away for long periods of time.

Tomorrow I'm going to pull the calipers and do the evil deed on them. I'm
just going to do the push, pull and blast with brake cleaner method till it
warms up in the garage a bit.
Happy New Year

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