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Re: [ST] Brake Cleaning

There are two separate issues being addressed in this thread: the pre-05 and
the 05 and greater issue.  You probably have something with the MC point.
Guys with Brembo's don't have the problem on the <05's.  Dealers do get
fixes that they don't advertise.  Like you said, if you complain, you
probably will get it fixed on the new Sprints.

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<lots of snips>
I had my brakes " seen to " by my dealer ...and the difference is
incredible.Its lasted too.When the brakes are simply bled, there is a
improvement , but it is temporary.This business of stripping calipers etc is
a similar short term solution , but it will get worse again. Brakes should
not need this sort of constant maintenance. 

Personally I reckon there is a fault with the master cylinder .a guy who is
a hydraulics expert reckons its poor design.. 

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