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Re: [ST] GPS/PDA - portable and maybe good on the Sprint??????

I've used a Garmin GPS V for a long time.  It served me well except I could
not load enough detail maps for long trips.  I've got a Garmin Quest inbound
and although it only has 115 megs, I can load maps from Atlanta to Ohio with
half of TN, VA, SC, NC, all of WV, and NE GA, SE Ohio, W Md, and SW PA.  If
you don't mind loading maps, the Quest is a nice choice at half the price of
most of the alternatives.  

There are a lot of units out there with what looks like more features, but I
like the compact nature of the Quest and it has outstanding routing
features.  It hasn't been mentioned in most discussions of GPS gear because
most talk concentrates on the higher priced units. I just ran into it while
I was shopping. It is worth considering.

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