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Re: [ST] And Harley riders wonder why...

Harley owners are very different to "mainstream" bikers.
There are few harleys which are bought on sheer performance criteria ...the
total opposite to Japbikes , which are catwalked each year and rejected the
next, over very minor changes !

I think long term ownership changes your perception of bikes too. I cant
match the 54 yrs  of this owner, but I know when I sold my last bike which
was four year sold ( with 37000 miles up )...it was kinda heart wrenching!
To keep a bike that long must remove you from the day to day biking
scene.Its more a member of the family than a bike !

So go easy on the ole fella !



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Steve,   Missed you at Thursday's R.A.T. Pack Meeting.
The next meeting will be on February 2ND at 7:00 pm. I
hope you can join us then. By the way, when my wife
and I met (about 30 years ago)I had a motorcycle apart
in my bedroom. Ten years after that we had a farm
house in New York State and two kids. She used to open
the front door when she heard the bike and I coming
home from work so I could ride up the stairs into the
house. Last year my new Sprint spent the winter under
a sheet in my living room nice and cozy.Different
strokes.   Mike

--- Steve Lawler <slawler@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ...most other bike riders disdain them.
> Today I was at my son's wrestling tournament and I
> went outside with the
> wife for a break. It was beautiful out. The sun was
> shining and it was
> above 40F. A fellow wrestling father starts talking
> about how nice it
> was out. I agreed and said that yesterday was even
> better. He stated
> that it was nice enough to go riding. I said that I
> was kicking myself
> for not having ridden to work yesterday and then
> asked him what he rode.
> "A '52 panhead."
> "Oh, wow," I replied. He then began to give me a
> history of the bike. It
> was his grandfather's and he is the second owner. He
> keeps it in his
> living room under a tarp and the one day that he
> rides it come rain or
> shine or snow or sleet is on his grandfather's
> birthday which is also
> his. He tells us that the bike has 17,000 miles on
> it.
> I just smiled and waited for him to finish his tale
> so I could tell him
> that I have a bike that's only four years old with
> almost 29,000 miles
> on it and I'm the original owner.** And I waited and
> waited and waited
> but he just kept going on and on and on. Ad
> infinitum.
> Now I don't know about anyone else but I always
> figured that when
> someone asks you what you ride you give them the
> year make and model and
>   a one sentence summary, at the most. I guess that
> guy was brought up a
> different way. He never bothered to ask me what I
> ride.
> As my wife and I walked back inside I mumbled to
> her, "What an ass." She
> agreed. I'm not so sure if she agreed because of the
> way he went on and
> on or if she was dumbfounded by a guy that keeps a
> 54 year old bike in
> his living room.
> *He was the #3 seed in a field of 17 and took first
> place at the 215# class.
> **I'm sure that pales in comparison to the mileage
> that some of the
> other liSTers have.
> --
> Steve Lawler
> Verona, NJ, USA
> 2001 Sprint ST "Blue Devil"
> "I wish people who have trouble communicating would
> just shut up."
>              -- Tom Lehrer
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