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Re: [ST] And Harley riders wonder why...

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Subject: Re: [ST] And Harley riders wonder why...

Harley owners are very different to "mainstream" bikers.
There are few harleys which are bought on sheer performance criteria ...the
total opposite to Japbikes , which are catwalked each year and rejected the
next, over very minor changes !
"very different" - you can say that again.  When I was 18 and the XLCH was
king, HD riders considered themselves the bad asses BECAUSE of performance.
They also trashed anyone who owned a "rice burner".  I enjoyed the day 30
years ago when riding my brand new Z1 I was passed by a noisy XLCH trying to
put my "ride burner" in its place.  After weaving 6 inches off his rear
fender then coming beside him and inviting him to run with me, he declined.
Now they are "special" and it isn't performance. Why do they spend time on
S&S carbs and other performance mods??? You may detect some disdain over the
new HD "bikers" attitude.  The fact is that way too many old fart (I'm an
old fart) HD riders are trying to capture an image they never had as the bad
ass biker from their youth.  Problem is way too many of them never paid
their dues to learn how to drive a bike either fast or safe. It's not the
bike, HD's are excellent cruisers, but it's that part that sits on the seat
I have problems with.  It used to be they called them 10 per centers.  Now
for HD drivers the 10 per centers are the good guys and the rest are still
bad ass wanna be's.

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