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Re: [ST] I raced against a Harley this weekend.

>From: Jack Hays
>I will always remember that moment. I don't think I've ever pedaled so hard
>in my life. And some of the credit must go to Schwinn, as well. They really
>make a great bicycle...

You're a true hero, Jack... one of those guys that made this country great
(at bicycling I guess). Reminds me of september last year when Markus, me
and Kees were racing each other on a downmountain section towards the Mont
Blanc... with the engines turned off :-). It's something you have to try
at least once, very weird at first trying to keep your speed up enough
thru hairpins. I can still remember the face of this French guy on a bicycle
when I was creeping slowly alongside him with the Sprint in whisper mode, helmet
on tank... He hadn't heard me coming... maybe those Harley guys have a point
with those loud pipes?

Me and a girlfriend raced each other a couple of years ago going down
mount Shasta in norhtern California on 2 loaner PC800's, engine's off,
from 8000 down to 2000 feet. Still got the speed up to around 55 mph :-).

Okay, everybody can now pretend they really liked this small story...


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