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[ST] Finally

The sun finally showed up in the Pacific Northwest so I spent the 
morning with a power washer wiping the mud off the driveway. Once I had 
a clear path, I fired up the Sprint and brought it out into daylight 
for the first time since before Thanksgiving. It's been raining almost 
non-stop since then and the KLR was a better ride given the road 
conditions lately.

Headed out of town and saw my friends bike sitting with a for sale sign 
on it so I stopped by his house and told him his bike  looked like it 
wanted to go for a ride. He seemed like he was in the middle of a 
honey-do list kind of day so he was happy to escape too.

It was a bit late in the day with not much daylight left, so we just 
made for a quick run down the Avenue of the Giants. How sweet having 
these roads in my backyard. This time of year the avenue tends to have 
a mossy stripe down the middle of each lane, so it makes finding a line 
a bit harder. Mostly you have to stay in either the left or right wheel 
track, unless you want to experience a slide.

Stopped for coffee in Miranda and we both noted that even with the road 
conditions as poor as they were, it was still great to get out. Sort of 
the worst day fishing is still better than the best day working. 
(Actually some of my best days working are a whole lot more fun than 
fishing!) Dan was a bit cold so I had to mention my electric vest and 
handgrips. You should have seen the look he gave me when I said we 
needed to get going so I could warm up my hands again.

Back on the road again it was getiting dark and foggy so we blasted 
back home on 101. Only 90 miles, and never really leaned it much, but 
it still felt great just to get it out of the garage. I don't know how 
you guys who have to put it away entirely for the winter make it 

Matt Knowles - Ferndale, CA - 
  '99 Sprint ST - for going fast and far (2CZUSA)
  '01 KLR650 - for exploring the North Coast backroads
  '97 KLX300 & '01 Lakota - for playing in the dirt
  '79 KZ400 - just because it was the first vehicle I ever owned

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