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Re: [ST] Finally

Damn and I thought skiing in North Carolina on mostly man made snow sucked.  I am sorry but there is no substitute for Rocky Mountain powder.  But you are right skiing is very adictive.  I ski several days a year in the eastern US and try to ski at least 1 week a year in the western US.  This year I am staying home to work while my wife goes to Big Sky, Montana.

Rick Brant 
Pfafftown, NC

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>>From: Todd J
>>Yup, skiing is the perfect match for me. 
>>>Kevin.Dicks@xxxxxxx wrote:
>>>I was reminded how much fun skiing is and how similar in many ways the
>>>feeling I get from skiing is, to the feeling I get from riding - YMMV...
>I went skiing for the first time in my life end 2004 for 2 hours,
>2 weeks ago it was the second time in my life. I had no idea it
>was so addictive and indeed so much like riding (except that I
>crash a bit more when skiing than with riding). Of course Holland
>has no mountains and since 30 years or so hardly any snow, but
>snowworld has 500 meter of indoor snow slope for all year skiing
>to solve that: http://piloot.smugmug.com/gallery/1112029
>End of february we'll be going to the Giant mountains in Poland
>and Czech republic for some real skiing, I can't wait to see
>how it will feel outdoors :-).
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