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Re: [ST] Santa Ana, CA?

From: "Jeremy Witt"
Subject: [ST] Santa Ana, CA?

Looks like I will be working away in Santa Ana, CA the 26th -31st of this
month.  Any listers nearby?

Jeremy, I am about 80 miles southeast of Santa Ana.  If at all possible, I
highly recommend riding CA 74 from San Juan Capistrano to Elsinore.  74 is
also known as the Ortega Highway and is one of the more entertaining roads
in Orange County.  Keep me posted on your travel plans and weekend
availability and maybe something can be organized.  Too bad donny dogood
moved, he would have been an excellent guide.  Maybe Zoltan or I can arrange

Rich (Thunderdawg) Rumble
2004 Aston Green Sprint ST
2006 Graphite Daytona 675 (expected March 2006)

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