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Re: [ST] 2006 Sprint ST

Nice bike overall except for the HEAT it 
throws..maybe the 06 is better than the 05 I test rode....

At 06:32 PM 1/12/2006, you wrote:
>I would hold off on the luggage until Triumph releases the new and
>supposedly improved luggage this spring. Most people thought the original
>luggage sucked badly. The rest sounds quite nice...
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>Subject: [ST] 2006 Sprint ST
>I'm considering buying a new Sprint ST. Anyone with the new model want to
>share + and or - on this bike. I have my eye on an ABS model in blue with
>the accessory exhaust, 3 piece luggage, heated grips and gel seat. This will
>not be my first Triumph triple. I had a '98 T595 that I felt was a great
>bike. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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