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Re: [ST] 2006 Sprint ST

>From: BrettWilson21@xxxxxxx
>Dont buy the current luggage that comes with the bike. Wait for
>the replacement system due in the next few months.

Or go for a SW Motech quicklock set. No ugly railing, removes
almost totally within a minute (the whole rack) and has the
possibilities to remove almost any bag from Givi, Hepco & Becker
or Krauser. On a blue Sprint you could go for these:
http://www.hepco-becker.de/index/moto.jpg or
or http://www.krauser.de/images/k5/K5_bike_red.jpg (plates are
paintable in any color)

The SW Motech kit is explained here:
In the US you can get everything (also all cases) here:

I chose for 3 givi cases on my '01 Sprint:

The cases are bigger (can hold 2 full face helmets each), in
my sidecase easy to load alternatively thru the top (the silver
part, still thinking whether to spray them in green), very waterproof
and the whole setup is (also compared to the Sprint 1050) half the
price compared to the Triumph kit. And you won't have to wait until
at least spring to see what they might have changed...


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