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Re: [ST] 2006 Sprint ST

>From: Joshua D. Scott
>The only flaw in that plan is the SW Motech quicklock set won't be 
>available in the U.S. until March, Givi says they may be out at the
>end of this month, which would be sooner than the SW Motech setup is

I notice now that SW Motech didn't specify prices yet, even on the
German site. I know they only have them online for a few weeks now,
so they're pretty new. Givi stuff usually takes months to be underway
from Italy, so I'm guessing the Germans will still be quicker...
Did you also contact SW Motech directly?

I wonder how much better the Triumph cases will be. After all they
knew their older cases weren't even that good since '99, but it
seems that they didn't learn from it (reminds me of the ABS problems
that BMW had on the R1100GS and were still there 10 years later on
the R1150GS.. and other boxers).

I'm quite happy with my '01 Sprint though. In the future a newer
model Sprint might be an option, if they also work on the heat
topic (I believe the vibrating mirrors feature is easy to fix).
A Kawa ZZR1400 also seems very appealing though... the exhausts
seem be be pre-made for cases as well. Ah well, I think my current
Sprint will do nicely for at least another 2 years :-).


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