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Re: [ST] 2006 Sprint ST

I did try SW Motech directly, but they referred me to twistedthrottle.com. 
They did not tell me the exact price, but believed it would be about $220 
for the 2005+ Sprint ST setup.

For comparison, the Givi rails cost me $170, but I'm still waiting for 
them to arrive (ordered in October '05).

I've contacted both Givi and twistedthrottle.com, and I've heard estimates 
on the rails arriving in the U.S. as early as the end of January, or as 
late as the end of March.  So you're right, SW Motech might beat Givi to 
the market!


On Fri, 13 Jan 2006, Emile Nossin wrote:

> I notice now that SW Motech didn't specify prices yet, even on the 
> German site. I know they only have them online for a few weeks now, so 
> they're pretty new. Givi stuff usually takes months to be underway from 
> Italy, so I'm guessing the Germans will still be quicker... Did you also 
> contact SW Motech directly?
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