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Re: [ST] Spotted in London

Depends on the level of your debt m8 !

The sprint is  a lovely bike. I fell for it after  a couple of test rides
last year.
I dithered a bit before buying one, and had to buy an ABS model as all
standard sprints had been sold for the rest of the year ! Mine is blue and
is a beauty.
I rode from the Uk to spain on it last september and it was superb.The
engine is fantastic.On motorways and fast sweepers it is incredible. Its
only weakness for me was its a bit heavy in very tight twisties...and I had
big issues with the brakes ...which have now been resolved .I dont however
see it as the best sports tourer out there. Luggage is hard to fit , it has
no underseat storage, and the heat from the exhaust is an issue.I see it
more as a very comfortable sportsbike !It suits  guys like me who are fed up
of the sports crouch , and want to be able to ride for hours on end without
aches and pains...but still be able to turn the wick up and have some fun !
Before you dive in to buy ...ask yourself what sort of bike you want , what
you will use it for....and get a long test ride on the roads you are likely
to be using the bike on.

To give you an example of how media and hype can influence your choice of
bike...I had  a 3 hour test ride on  a GS 1200 last year ....and absolutely
hated it !!!! Yet the media over the last year has hyped this bike into the
" best bike ever for anything and everything ".

I hope you get the bike you want !..theres so bloody many to choose from !


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Hi all,

I was in London for a few days and spotted a silver '05 ST parked near
Leicester Sq. on Wednesday night around 9pm.  Does it belong to anyone
on here?  That was the first time I've seen one in the flesh, and like
most other people thinks it looks so lovely in real life.  An oddly
unphotogenic bike.

Now I have a cheque for £15K in my pocket (the money which finalises the
split with my ex.  Phew) going into the bank today.  Do I:
(a)  Use it as discussed by the solicitors and pay off my little debts
and top up my savings account


(b)  Go to my local Triumph dealer and buy a couple of things.


Answers on a postcard.


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